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To each one their own room, each room creates its own emotion

Personalisation is definitely one of the distinctive features of the seaside holiday in Romagna that the Hotel Petronio in Riccione offers you.

in fact, the 44 rooms distributed on 5 floors, will succeed in meeting with all your expectations in the best possible way.

Elegance Base
  • Completely renovated
  • It can host up to 4 people
  • A bathroom with a walk-in shower with six whirlpool massage jets
  • A hairdryer
  • A minibar
  • A direct telephone line
  • Satellite TV
  • A ceiling fan with 5 different settings
  • An electronicsafe
  • A balcony
  • A French window that opens out onto the balcony and a soundproof front door
  • Air conditioning available upon request (€ 5,00 per day in a double room, € 2.50 per day in a single room)
Elegance Room
  • The same previously listed services as the Basic Elegance room
  • Air conditioning included

Their style
You will be pleasantly surprised at the particular attention that has been painstakingly paid to the shades and the elegance of the rooms that will welcome you into an attentively designed and tasteful environment.

The right emotion for everyone: the rooms in the Hotel Petronio have been differentiated as regards both their names and the colour schemes of their décor; choose the one that is most suitable for you.

In the meanwhile, just imagine your next seaside holiday in Riccione: the sunlight coming into your room from the balconies will delicately caress you upon waking up in the morning, in order to encourage you to reach the beach.

Elegance Plus Room

  • The same previously listed services as the Elegance room
  • These rooms are on the 5th floor of the hotel and which have a panoramic position
  • They are completely soundproof, including the walls
  • Also communicating rooms are available, upon request (convenient for families and groups of friends)

The panoramic sea view of Riccione
The Elegance Plus rooms provide widely panoramic views, they have balconies  that are three metres long that you can use almost as splendid verandas from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the area.

Therefore, just think of a room that, instead of a wall, it has a huge panoramic window: these are our Elegance Plus rooms, the best way to transform your hotel into an unforgettable experience.