Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
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Fun Parks

A land full of fun!

Experience unforgettable days out exploring each and every one of the fun parks, which can all be easily reached from our hotel in Riccione!

AquafanAquafan, for example, is a true temple for those wishing to enjoy hours and hours of pure  fun:  rides  like Kamikaze, River Run and Surfing Hill  attract thousands of tourists every year, filling their sun-drenched days with high speed, waves and splashes.

Discover the practical aerosols at Aquafan which will refresh and relax you, perhaps just before you take a dip in the swimming pool with waves  or plunge into the foam track.
Those who like walking can take the green trails to explore the environmental aspect of the park.
oltremareIf,  on the contrary,  you prefer the sea, you must not miss the chance of getting to know it really well by visiting the Oltremare park.  Here you will experience the thrill of being dolphin trainers for a day or discover the Farm and  everything there is to know about the animals that live there.  Another must is the Mulino del Gufo, where you will be surrounded by  owls and other majestic birds of prey and see at close hand the art of falconry.

And, for both Aquafan and Oltremare, you can purchase tickets with a special discount at our Reception desk!
MirabilandiaThe more adventurous will undoubtedly prefer to visit Mirabilandia, the most famous fun park in Italy.  Alongside the more classic attractions, there are daring cutting-edge ones, like Ispeed, Discovery and Columbia,  all of which are truly breathtaking.

Here adventure is at its height, thanks to Katun, the largest inverted coaster in Europe, which will whiz you along at 110 kilometres an hour, or to the other thousand attractions that will get your adrenalin going on the water, such as, for instance, in a canoe riding on a freak wave.
At Mirabilandia, you can also enjoy the entertaining shows organized by casts of true professionals, like the very popular Police Academy,  found to be such a work of perfection that it has been used in serials on national television.

Italia in miniatura

We also highly recommend a visit to Italy in  Miniature, a splendid reconstruction of the main tourist attractions in Italy and around Europe. 
Located  in Rimini, it tempts the curiosity of many, who are then enchanted by such a perfect miniature Tower of Pisa  or who follow the flow of the picturesque Grand Canal in Venice.

Neither must you miss the Luna Park della Scienza, a Science Funfair where you can learn about the wonders of science and technology and at the same time have great fun. 

For little ones, nothing could be better than taking them to Fiabilandia, a realm of true fantasy.  Here, children can spend delightful afternoons in fairytale land, where the Magic Forest, the Valley of the Gnomes and the colourful Aladdin’s Carousel will transport them into a dream world.

Parco Le Navi...And that’s not all!  From our hotel in Riccione you can also easily get to Le Navi  (The Ships)  and to the Dolphin Pool in Rimini!
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