Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
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Hotel with Restaurant

Not only eat well, with the new restaurant "feast for your eyes"!

From the photos you will already be able to understand what is waiting for you and above all to foretaste (it really has to be said, given that we are speaking of cuisine) the atmosphere and the style that characterise the restaurant of our hotel.
Hotel with Restaurant
It is so beautiful that you could eat it with your eyes
Following the recent restructuring and modernisation  works, each meal will not only be a triumph of tastes and flavours of the Emilia-Romagna region (as well as national cuisine), thanks to dishes attentively prepared by our chef, but this is also a moment for a more complete sensory experience.

Also as regards cuisine we know all too well how important the so-called presentation is: at the Hotel Petronio in Riccione, our new restaurant arouses the most spectacular emotion as it provides the most appropriate surrounding for every course of the meal proposed.
Not only form but also substance
With a restaurant that is so beautiful and enchanting – what’s more livened up by the proposal of varied entertainment evenings – in any case, we mustn’t  forget the first thing we expect, once we are sitting at our table. Rest assured, we know all too well how important it is, when we speak of cuisine, eating well is of the utmost importance!

Also from this point of view, your full-board holiday in Riccione will be so tasty and enriched by the sea view. Every day you will be able to savour:
  • Starters and a vegetable buffet
  • A menu with first and second courses served at your table
  • A choice between meat and fish dishes
  • A range of ourdessert specialities
  • An assorted wine list
Fish based dish
All the taste of an emotion
It is actually our new emotional restaurant – which also changes colour – that helps us to transmit to our guests the idea that we have of a holiday intended as an experience. Only great holiday enthusiasts like us could come up with the varied entertainment evenings that are waiting for you on your next week’s holiday in Riccione.

Armando Petronio started thinking about the theme, the details, the costumes and the menu for the forthcoming year in winter. It is in this way, just like many other crazy ideas, that the varied entertainment evenings experienced at the Hotel Petronio came to be.
Parties in the hotel

If you are also looking for a holiday to be savoured, different from the usual standard formulas, we believe that this could be an excellent choice from among the full-board hotels in Riccione.
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