Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
Foto e immagini Hotel Petronio Riccione (RN), Italia
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Theme nights

Follow us in our madness: together we will have a lot of fun!

The passion for animation and friendship gives us a lot of enthusiasm and joy, every time we think already for the next theme of the following summer to come.

Every week the theme night is staged, and changes every year.

To try them all, you just have to come and visit us again and again and again!!!!

It is a convivial moment, which always gathers many consents among our guests: the opportunity to make friends and feel as true friends too.

Let yourself get involved by our sparkling ideas!

Some examples of our theme nights:

Medieval dinner

May it happen to be that the year 2020 brings no small amount of joy to our kind guests, alongside the noble knights and suave damsels of the Petronio Hotel...

We will carry you back in time with period costumes, daring duels and generous banquets!

Masked for the party at the hotel
Maschere per la festa a tema in hotel
Disco Party 70'80'90' Dinner

During this evening, we will be paying homage to the great disco tradition on the Adriatic coast, finding ourselves all beneath the 80s-style disco ball, to be catapulted into a fun Disco Inferno!
But don't worry, ours is never dirty dancing.

Country Dinner

What would happen if the Wild West landed here at the sea? This is what we try to understand in one evening country “all belts and hay bales”, but be careful not to get us angry, or we'll wait outside the Saloon for the duel!

Team Hotel Petronio in Riccione
Masked for the party at the hotel
Horror dinner

Here at the Hotel Petronio we also have very strange guests too. Once a week they run away from the laboratory where we were studying them and they have fun sowing the panic between you. But do not worry, because this is the exact opposite of...a nightmare hotel!

Pirates of the Caribbean dinner

If you have always wanted to set sail on the ship with Jack Sparrow and get lost in the Caribbean Sea, this is a good opportunity! An evening of fun, retracing the traits of the celebrated saga!

Cake ready for the party in the hotel
Inflatable for the theme party at the hotel in Riccione
Hawaiian dinner

Who said that Riccione is the Green Pearls of the Romagna Riviera? Sure that we are right in front of the Pacific Ocean! Especially during the Hawaiian dinner, where to discover the knowledge and flavors of the very distant exotic world.

Romantic dinner

Even the hard guys like us melting from time to time, creating a sweet and evocative atmosphere, where you can get tached and transported and...loved!

Hotel party room in Riccione
Party sets
Dinner under the Stars

It's a dinner under the stars...of the cinematrographic firmament of course ! The spectacular dining room is set up like a hall of fame, and we'll have fun together listening to the most famous movie soundtracks and feeling a bit like being in Hollywood!

Come and experience a unique holiday...unique like our hotel that waits you here in Riccione!
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